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The Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center is open on the same schedule as the museum for viewing the small craft collection, the construction of wooden boats and ship model building. While the Watercraft Center has a dedicated full time boat builder, Tim White, and manager, Grant Caraway, the staff depend on volunteers for boatbuilding projects.

Volunteers and staff work closely together on restoration of traditional wooden boats, building new wooden boats for Museum programs, and maintaining the Museum’s fleet. These projects are both beneficial for the Museum in maintaining their collection of wooden watercraft but also offer an opportunity for the public to get a behind-the-scenes look at a working watercraft center.

Staff will work with volunteers to design a schedule that best fits their lifestyles. The majority of volunteers choose to come one day a week, arriving at the Watercraft Center in the morning and leaving shortly after lunch. There are also volunteer opportunities available at the Maritime Museum.

To start your volunteer journey with us, fill out the form below, and our volunteer coordinator Courtney Felton will be in touch.

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