Saying thank you to volunteers

Like any nonprofit, we could not accomplish nearly all that we do without the help of a team of dedicated volunteers.

All those awesome boat building projects? Completed with the help of our skilled volunteers. Our ability to showcase a working watercraft center? Impossible without the volunteers here working on projects. Even the plaques we gave out today to recognize the Volunteers of the Year from the Watercraft Center, Maritime Museum, our Friends group, the Junior Sailing Program and Bonehenge Whale Center? Built by a volunteer — a volunteer who, coincidentally, was our top volunteer of the year.

William Shrader was named the Watercraft Center Volunteer of the Year. He was recognized by center Manager Grant Caraway for not just helping out but helping out on the less glamorous parts of boat building and restorations: painting and scraping and sharpening tools. Congratulations, Will!

A second volunteer was recognized with an award specific to the center: Baker of the Year.

Martha Eshleman took that top honor this year for her many delicious contributions of treats that continue to be appreciated by staff and volunteers. Congratulations, Martha.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. We literally couldn’t do it without you!